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SAM Steering Assist Module

This revolutionary autopilot upgrade lets your GPS truly fly your flight plan hands-free. For WAAS-enabled GPS receivers, SAM will also provide roll-steering guidance for procedure turns and holding patterns!

SAM owners & dealers receive 100% support from the engineers who developed SAM from concept to certification. We’re a small but dedicated team and we’re here to provide email and phone based support during East coast business hours.

SAM is available through any approved avionics dealer. Please contact your preferred dealer to order one today.

Alternate Configuration Now Available

The SAM control interface can now installed in a half-ATI mount, which is often referred to as “the old KING DME” cutout.

Click to see more about SAM mounting options...

Have you upgraded your GARMIN™ 430/530?

The WAAS upgrade builds on the incredible capabilities of this series of GPS receivers (400/420/430/500/530). In addition to adding cool features like LPV approaches and high resolution mapping, the WAAS-enabled Garmins work with SAM to emulate a flight management system (FMS) to automatically fly holding patterns, procedure turns, and other IFR flight procedures.

  1.     Phone Support: 1-301-891-0600

  2.     Email:

  3.     Forum: SAM Users Forum

$2295 MSRP